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The Challenge: Establishing Brand as Authority on Plant-Based Protection for Dull, Pollution-Exposed Hair

With “pollu-aging” (aka “pollution-induced aging”) one of the latest buzzwords in beauty, the launch of the new Klorane hair care collection with Aquatic Mint, positioned as a detoxifying, shine-boosting reboot for pollution-exposed hair, required a special approach: creative storytelling to generate awareness of the damaging, dulling effects of pollution on the hair and scalp, and an effective strategy leveraging Klorane’s 50+ years of excellence in merging science with its distinguished plant heritage and commitment to preserving biodiversity to set the brand apart as a leader in botanically based anti-pollution solutions for hair and scalp.




To spark love and build buzz for the brand’s new product introduction, we designed a public relations campaign to facilitate an emotional connection between Klorane and the media, and to communicate the brand’s authority in combining the best of Nature with the best of Science and commitment to preserving biodiversity to create the sustainably sourced Aquatic Mint collection. The range features Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint; Protective Conditioner with Aquatic Mint; and Purifying Mist with Aquatic Mint.


We built the campaign around an interactive experience that would bring home the concept of an expertly crafted blend of Nature’s best to achieve the perfect refreshing results and highlight the key ingredient: Aquatic Mint.  





Tapping into the power of personal connections and authentic relationships, we organized two days of individual deskside appointments, where Klorane and KO&A would team up to meet top influential print and digital beauty editors for a total of 18 meetings.

Each editor was very excited about the new collection, especially the Purifying Mist, formulated to purify and neutralize hair and scalp odors while leaving hair smelling minty fresh! Most editors told us they had never seen a product like this before, and were thrilled that it also came in a mini travel size for refreshing on the go.

As soon as we opened the cap to the Shampoo or Conditioner at the beginning of each meeting, the reaction was the same: “Wow, this smells amazing!” A few editors also remarked, “This smells just like a mojito!” All the editors were pleased to hear the Shampoo and Conditioner are gentle enough to use every day (or as often as hair is washed / conditioned) unlike other clarifying / detoxifying products.

The desksides were also an opportunity to share the story of how Aquatic mint is safely cultivated by Klorane in the southwest of France, while preserving the local biodiversity through the Klorane Botanical Foundation (Klorane’s corporate foundation dedicated to preserving, protecting, and sharing botanical knowledge around the world). They were particularly interested in how the Klorane Botanical Foundation is helping to decontaminate and protect the ecosystem of the Cévennes National Park in France with the Aquatic Mint root powder.


To add an element of interactive fun and to reinforce the concept of the key ingredient—Aquatic Mint—and the refreshing complex with plant ingredients at the heart of each Aquatic Mint product, we served up a delightful surprise for the editors: we enlisted master mixologist Luis Tamayo to personally whip up delicious mint-infused “mocktails” for each editor. With a portable bar in tow, Luis joined the Klorane and KO&A team on each deskside, where he crafted his delicious drinks, a Truth or Pear “mocktail” with fresh mint, mint/rosemary syrup, pear juice and an Anjou pear slice, and Mint To Be, featuring an infusion of cranberry and lemon juice and fresh mint.

Luis and the mocktails (Truth or Pear was the hands-down favorite) were indeed a hit! And to keep the story of Mint top of mind, each editor was also gifted with a “Grow Your Own Mojito” kit to make their own mint-infused drinks at home. All in all, the meetings were a huge success!

Post-desksides, the Aquatic Mint campaign continued with a mailing of the Aquatic Mint collection and gift of the “Grow Your Own Mojito Kit” (to elevate the mailing) to an additional 120 media outlets, individual follow-ups and a targeted e-blast campaign.



The Aquatic Mint campaign succeeded in garnering top placements as a direct result of our two days of deskside appointments with Klorane Marketing Director Lana Rovner, KO&A and mixologist Luis Tamayo, press mailing with gift of “Grow Your Own Mojito Kit,” targeted e-blast campaign and individual follow-ups. Media outlets giving coverage to the new Klorane Aquatic Mint collection included:





Women’s Health (2019 Women’s Health Beauty Award for Best Hair Scent Purifier: Klorane Purifying Mist with Aquatic Mint)



The Hollywood Reporter



People en Español

Self.com (2019 SELF Healthy Beauty Awards for Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Oily Hair; Klorane Detox Shampoo with Aquatic Mint and Klorane Protective Conditioner with Aquatic Mint)